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Buying Cannabis at a Hamilton Dispensary



The Most Trusted Cannabis Dispensary in Hamilton

Cannabis Dispensary in Hamilton

Don’t Buy Your Bud from Just Any Hamilton Dispensary 


Since we opened our first store in April of 2019, Hello Cannabis has been committed to providing a safe, legal place for members of the community to purchase government regulated cannabis products and accessories, as well as the best weed strains in the Hamilton area.

Our mission is more important today than ever. With many cannabis dispensaries in Hamilton already established and more popping up all the time, it can be a challenge knowing where to buy.

That’s why not only do we offer the best weed strains of all the cannabis dispensaries in Hamilton, but we guarantee that every strain we sell can be traced all the way back to the production facility where it was grown and cultivated. 

So, if you’re looking for a Hamilton dispensary that values education as much as quality, you need look no further than Hello Cannabis.


Having the Best Weed Strains Doesn’t Mean Much…


…Unless You Have the Knowledge to Educate Customers About Them 


Every Hello Cannabis staff member is rigorously trained and educated about each and every product we carry.

It’s easy enough for other dispensaries in Hamilton to recommend their best herb grinder or offer opinions about what they consider to be the best strains of all time, but where do those products come from? Where were those strains grown? How were they grown?

What about the company that produced them? Do they even know which growers produced the buds they’re selling? Odds are, if the Hamilton dispensary you’re visiting can’t answer these types of questions, then they aren’t properly trained or aren’t selling legally licensed and regulated products.

Hello Cannabis prides ourselves on offering nothing but legal, licensed products. Ones which have been monitored and tested to ensure not only are the highest quality products, but also that they adhere to the safety regulations set out by the Government of Canada.

This way, anytime a customer has questions about any of our best bud strains or weed accessories, our staff has the knowledge to help educate them on whatever they might like to know. And no matter what they might be looking to buy, they can always trust that our products are safe to use.


The store is beautifully designed. It’s laid out like a modern boutique. It is filled with lots of information from different ways to consume, to supplies and carrying cases. A sensory wall is set up to allow customers to observe the bud. The store employees are very friendly, and allow for a stigma-free environment. Looking forward to going back to see what will come in next.” – Queenhuron via Weedmaps


More Than Just the Best Buds in Hamilton


We’ve Got All the Cannabis Accessories You Could Need


Giving our customers peace of mind is just one of the many ways that Hello Cannabis ensures our customers can always feel confident they’ve chosen the right Hamilton dispensary to fulfill all their cannabis needs.

There’s a wide array of smoking accessories on the market, and more coming out all the time. But what are the right weed accessories for you?

Whether you’re looking for a pipe, papers, a bong or a weed vaporizer, we have an amazing selection of smoking accessories that are all top-quality, reliable and easy-to-use.

If you’re not sure about what might be the best fit for your needs, talk to one of our skilled budtenders, and they’d be happy to guide you towards the perfect choice for your preferences.

No matter what you might be in the market for, Hello Cannabis is here to help you make smart, educated cannabis purchasing decisions.


Prices are Very reasonable …NOT outrageous… 114.00 for an ounce…. I’d rather pay a little more than the black market and know that the quality and safety of the product is now available! Staff Is very educated on all products!” – Lisahello via Weedmaps


Hello Cannabis is The Hamilton Dispensary for You


There Are a Lot of Dispensaries in Hamilton, Choose the One That Cares About the Community


One of the pillars of Hello Cannabis’ mission statement is to be a Hamilton dispensary that gives back as much as possible to the community which supports us.

With that in mind, apart from our efforts to give back to the Hamilton community whenever possible, Hello Cannabis has also invested in the Living Wage Certification; meaning that we have committed to ensuring all of our staff and contractors are compensated for their work with wages above the bare minimum.

This means that our staff can be concerned with expanding their skill sets to better serve the community and our customers, instead of focusing on trying to earn a reasonable living.

More than that, we’re also working tirelessly so that our business is as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes providing 100% recycled paper bags and a free-to-use recycling program for our customers.

Best of all, we’re working with local artists and community organizations to support the arts community in Hamilton. We’re not just a Hamilton dispensary, we’re an active part of the Hamilton family.

So, stop buying your cannabis from random dispensaries in Hamilton, and choose the Hamilton dispensary that is committed to providing the community with a safe, reliable cannabis experience. That’s Hello Cannabis.