• Why Should I Choose Hello Cannabis?

    Hello Cannabis takes pride in offering as much information to our customers as possible about the products we are selling.

    Not only will we tell you everything you need to know about the composition of each and every strain we carry, but we will also be able to tell you exactly where each type of cannabis was grown and which producer grew it.

    Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will do everything in our power to get you the answers you need and the products you want. You’ll have such a great time in our store, you’ll never want to order your cannabis online again!

  • What Advantages Does Your Store Offer Over Shopping Online?

    Apart from our wonderful staff, who are committed to give you an exemplary in-store experience, there are major advantages to visiting our store for your cannabis needs.

    There are hundreds of different cannabis strains circulating through the market, but with a wide range of different effects, it’s important to be able to talk with knowledgeable cannabis experts about what your wants and needs are from your cannabis experience. You wouldn’t want to buy a strain that will make you sleepy if you’re going to the gym, just like you wouldn’t want to pick a strain which makes you want to run a marathon if you’re consuming it right before bed.

    As well, there are countless scent and flavour profiles available from different strains. Ordering online doesn’t afford you the benefit of being able to inspect and smell your selected strain prior to purchasing. It’s important to be able to check these things before buying, so that you can guarantee yourself the best possible experience.

    Our staff are here to guarantee you get the right cannabis to fit your needs and tastes, while ensuring you stay well-informed about any information relating to your preferred strains. Ordering online simply doesn’t offer these important, hands-on interactions. Not to mention, when you buy with us you’ll get to go home with your cannabis in hand, instead of waiting days for delivery.

  • What Products Does Hello Cannabis Sell?

    Hello Cannabis’ biggest focus is to provide the best quality cannabis to our customers.

    On top of cannabis products, we will be offering a variety of cannabis accessories and Hello Cannabis merchandise for our customers.

    And, as much as products, Hello Cannabis deals in providing customers the information needed for customers to make educated, intelligent purchases to fit their needs. In addition, we offer info relating to accessory cleaning and maintenance, as well as workshops relating to the cannabis industry as a whole.

    We believe more than anything that by educating our customers, we can help provide them with the tools they need to have the most fulfilling experiences with their cannabis use.

  • Can I Preorder My Cannabis Online?

    Unfortunately no.


    The only legal option to purchase cannabis online in Ontario is through the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) website.


    Due to regulations, Hello Cannabis Store cannot take online orders for cannabis or deliver cannabis. If you'd like to purchase cannabis at the Hello Cannabis Store, you must come to the store and purchase in store.

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