The soo

As the only licensed cannabis retail store in the city of Sault Ste. Marie, our goal is to completely redefine what it feels like to buy cannabis. 

To start, our new store in the Soo was built with 100% local talent. All of the contractors, suppliers, inspectors and staff who helped to bring this store to life are from Sault Ste Marie and we believe it shows.

From the stunning steel features and the utilization of raw wood throughout, this store is an homage to the Soo. Our hope is that by redefining the experience of purchasing cannabis, we can help dissolve the negative stigma associated with cannabis. 

We hope that you feel like the entire in store experience is beyond what you ever expected.

Second, we are striving to be a stalwart member of the community by operating a sustainable business with as low of an environmental impact as possible. To do this, we've eliminated plastic bags and will only use 100% recycled paper bags. We've also instituted a free to use recycling program so that customers can bring their containers in store to be recycled.

On top of this, we are also a certified Living Wage organization, which means we provide employee compensation above and beyond the living wage to our staff and contractors.

We're expanding across Ontario in 2021 with locations coming to the following cities.







  • Jarrett Contruction

  • Scott Coffee Co.

  • Watters Woodworking

  • DNM Plumbing

  • Guzzo Electrical

  • Henderson Metal

  • DC Communication

  • Troy Nelson

  • United Flooring

  • Vibe Eatery & Juice Co.

  • Cornucopia

  • Sims Custom Woodworking

  • Superior Glass

  • Algoma Industrial

  • Soo Mill

  • Heritage Home Hardware

  • Guillevin Electrical Supply

  • Nepsco Electrical + Plumbing

  • Ro Vo Steel

  • So Foundry

  • Watters Woodworking

  • Jeannettes Custom Cakes


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