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Hello Cannabis Hamilton, An Original Hamilton Dispensary

We’re the Hamilton Dispensary You Can Trust


Of all the dispensaries in Hamilton, how many of them do you think are fully licensed to sell products? Not as many as you’d think.

From that group, how many of them claim to have the best weed strains, but can’t tell you which company grew the cannabis and the process that was used to grow it?

For that matter, how many companies are committed to not only selling the best strains of all time, but also only offering licensed, regulated products from government approved manufacturers?

If you’re starting to think that no Hamilton dispensary could possibly meet all these criteria, then you’re in luck!

Hello Cannabis takes pride in meeting all these critical measures, so that every one of our customers can rest assured that there will never be a question of safety or quality with any of Hamilton’s best buds or the smoking accessories that they buy from us.

We do this because the safety and enjoyment of our customers is a priority that we refuse to compromise on. And it’s this commitment to quality that makes Hello Cannabis easily the best Hamilton dispensary.


Licensing is More Than Just Paperwork


Quality & Safety Above All Else


In today’s marketplace, there’s no room for cutting corners. The cannabis market is becoming more saturated every month, and with more dispensaries in Hamilton opening all the time, how do you know where to shop?

Unfortunately, there are a large number of Hamilton weed dispensaries that don’t feel it’s necessary to get licensed or to sell products that have been regulated and monitored to ensure they meet consumption safety standards.

This may not sound like a big deal to some, but it can be very dangerous.

For example, if a batch of cannabis is grown using potentially dangerous chemicals or fertilizers, and there’s no monitoring process put in place to prevent it, how can you guarantee those harmful chemicals won’t end up in your lungs? The answer is, you can’t guarantee it.

What about regulations put in place to ensure safe storage of the product from the time it’s picked to the time you buy it at the store? Without them, there’s nothing preventing you from buying some moldy buds, and any veteran cannabis user knows how dangerous smoking those can be.

The same kind of risks exist for weed accessories, as well. We’ve all heard the stories of people buying off-market vaporizers that catch fire or even explode!

These kinds of tragedies could be avoided by sticking to monitored and regulated products, which go through rigorous testing long before they ever make it anywhere near a store shelf. Products like the ones sold at Hello Cannabis.


“Clean, professional and treated with respect.” – Lazarpa via Weedmaps


Many Dispensaries in Hamilton Claim to Have the Best Weed Strains


But Having the Best Strains of All Time Means Nothing if You Don’t Understand Them


Another factor that sets Hello Cannabis apart from other dispensaries in Hamilton is our mission to continually expand the knowledge and skills sets of our budtenders.

You may not know what kind of cannabis will work best for you, and while many places claim to have the best sativa strains or best indica strains, those claims don’t mean very much without the education to back them up.

While there are some common traits among sativa vs indica plants, the effects of smoking can vary wildly from one strain to another. If you really want to have a cannabis experience that’s catered to your unique wants and needs, then you need to have a thorough understanding of each strain, before you buy it.

Taking the time to learn about each and every strain we carry is our privilege; so that we can educate our customers and help provide them with their ideal cannabis experience.



“So many options, and many reasonably priced strains.” – Tessalatendresse via Weedmaps



What Makes Hello Cannabis Hamilton Special?


Choose the Hamilton Weed Dispensary That Cares About Its Customers


On top of our commitment to only providing the highest quality, licensed products to our customers, Hello Cannabis is also constantly working to improve the community in Hamilton.

We work alongside local artists through a variety of initiatives to support their work, just like the Hamilton community supports our business.

As well, we’re strongly committed to our Living Wage Certification, which ensures that we’re offering our staff and budtenders wages that are above and beyond the bare minimum requirements.

This way they’re focused on expanding their skills and education, so they can help guide you to the best marijuana strains or weed accessories; instead of worrying about how they’re going to pay their bills at the end of the week.

All of these factors contribute to making Hello Cannabis special compared to our competitors. If you’d like to see the difference for yourself, why pay us a visit at our store in Hamilton?

Once you do, you’ll see why Hello Cannabis is hands down the best Hamilton dispensary around!