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Hamilton’s Best Restaurants For The Munchies

Take a look at our list of Hamilton’s best restaurants that should come in handy after shopping for cannabis in Hamilton at the Hello Cannabis Store.

Let’s list some of Hamilton’s best restaurants that should come in handy after shopping for cannabis in Hamilton at the Hello Cannabis Store. We’ll look at restaurants representing a variety of cultures as well as a few different price points.



Location: 258 Locke St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 4B9

Hours: Sunday-Saturday, 8am-10pm

For anyone who’s visited this location, the first thing that comes to mind is the freshness of the entire experience. Everything from the style of the building to the unique and seasonally changing menu makes every visit feel like your first, but it will definitely not be your last.

With renowned above-and-beyond service and with pizzas to die for, it is a must visit for those craving a specialty pizza from a wood-fired oven when they are baked themselves. It’s also a great date-night spot without draining your pocket book in the process.


Location: 10 Cannon St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 1Z5

Hours: Sunday-Saturday – 11:30am-8pm (Check holiday hours)

Not your traditional sit-down joint, this counter-service style restaurant specializes in a constantly rotating selection of homemade soups, delectable burgers and sandwiches.

Don’t let the casual serving style fool you. The quality of their homemade concoctions is out of this world! The relaxed atmosphere and gourmet, yet affordable menu will leave you and your wallet feeling a little fatter.

Be sure to call ahead if you’re looking to buy a second portion of something you’ve previously tried because they offer a new menu daily. Who knows, maybe you’ll find another new favourite!


Location: 37 King William St, Hamilton, ON L8R 1A1

Hours: Sunday-Saturday – 11:45am-10pm

Looking to wow your friends, family or significant other with a lighter take on traditional French fare? Look no further than The French – Hamilton’s number one spot for the discerning European palette.

The atmosphere inside this gorgeous spot is classy and refined. Make sure to wear more than a t-shirt and jeans if you’re going to be enjoying a meal here, and make sure to have at least one drink at their gorgeous marble-topped bar that you need to see to believe.

With high quality fine-dining style menu items that feel straight from France, you’ll need to make sure you break out a few big bills for this one. You also might want to get out the Visine, so you don’t spend your meal feeling paranoid that your buzz is showing.


Location: 23 Augusta St, Hamilton, ON L8N 1P2

Hours: Sunday-Saturday – 11:30am-2am

If you’re the kind of cannabis user who enjoys a nice cold craft beer or some top-shelf whiskey and a great gastro-pub style meal, The Ship is going to be your new favourite place.

With a cozy, homely atmosphere that feels casual and comfortable from the moment you walk in the door, you’ll want to find somewhere to sit and never leave. Well-known for their delicious burgers and ocean-wise seafood selection, there’s a wide variety of selection to choose from no matter what food mood you’re in.

Their price point isn’t too high, but not cheap either. It feels very fair, considering the quality of ingredients and service The Ship is known for.


Location: 150 James St S, Hamilton, ON L8P 3A2

Hours: Sunday-Thursday – 11:30am-11pm. Friday & Saturday – 11:30am-2am

Feeling like something a little more South of the Border? Mezcal will have all the familiar Mexican dishes you’re craving, with a gourmet twist!

Famous for its popular late-night scene, Mezcal is the perfect destination if your preferred cannabis of choice makes you want to eat AND dance.

For those of you who get a relentless sweet tooth when you smoke, you’ll be happy to know they offer churros. Need we say more?


Location: 541 Barton St E, Hamilton, ON L8L 2Z2

Hours: Monday-Friday – 7am-7pm. Saturday – 7am-4pm. Sunday – Closed (Check holiday hours)

Are you a little down on your luck? Spend a little too much on your cannabis, but desperately craving something delicious? 541 Eatery is the place for you.

Offering a very reasonably priced menu and a staff that genuinely cares about making sure every guest that walks through their door gets a great meal, it’s hard to believe such a wonderful place exists in today’s world.

No matter what you’re ordering, you can be sure that each and every plate or bowl that leaves the kitchen at 541 is made with love. The regulars will attest that there’s nothing quite like a meal made by someone who loves their customers. Head over yourself and see the wonderful work being done here.

With so many wonderful, unique and tantalizing places in Hamilton to eat, like these and more, you’ll never have to worry about where to go when your post-smoke hunger kicks in.