How to differentiate between Medical and Recreational Cannabis

Understanding Recreational Cannabis In Ontario

With so many hybrid strains available for consumers, it’s critically important to reflect on a number of factors when making choices about which cannabis products will best fit your needs. The Phytocannabinoids within cannabis creates a wide range of effects on our minds and bodies when they react with our Endocannabinoid System. All these effects are temporary and vary from individual to individual.


These effects are determined by a number of factors such the strain of cannabis (including its levels of both THC and CBD, how the cannabis is consumed and the physiology of the person using it. Consumers choose cannabis for different reasons.


While medicinal users are often seeking pain relief, may need assistance with building appetite, with anxiety, depression, sleeping issues or even to help lessen the physical symptoms of neurological disorders, the recreational cannabis market does not purport to serve those patients. As a recreational cannabis store, the Hello Cannabis Store serves cannabis to adults over the age of 19 who are using the product for recreational purposes. We are not a medical clinic and cannot offer any medical advice.

Cannabis 2.0

With so many tinctures and extracts becoming widely available, there are a number of cannabis products which are exponentially stronger than standard cannabis flower. In addition, recent research regarding Indica and Sativa strains has proved that the previously assumed effect differences between the two families may not be as simplistic or easily defined as they were previously thought to be. Combined with the upcoming edibles legalization in late 2019, it will be crucial for consumers to research the details of their preferred products before taking them.


There are a number of unpleasant side-effects, which can occur if a user over-indulges. These are all temporary and pose no long-term or life-threatening risks for cannabis users, however they can be quite frightening for an unprepared consumer, who may mistakenly believe they are ‘over-dosing’.


Some of these effects include:

         Severely reduced reaction time

         Panic attacks or paranoia

         Inability to focus

         Mild hallucinations or dizziness

         Uncontrollable urge to sleep

         Difficulty remembering things

         Increased anxiety

         Raised heart rate

         Sudden onset of fear for health or safety


The best way to combat potentially being affected by these negative side-effects is to either choose cannabis products/strains with lower THC levels or to consume only small amounts at a time, allowing the user to slowly build up a tolerance.


Long-term users need to be cautious as well because recent studies indicate the potential for detrimental effects of frequent use over an extended period of time.


Research is still being conducted to give validity to these new theories, but some of the risks posed by long-term use include:

         Throat irritation or chronic coughs caused by irritation from inhaling burning cannabis flowers

         Risks to mental health in heavy, frequent consumers

         Addiction (Currently believed to be about 9% of regular users)

         Infections and lung damage, similar to the kind caused by cigarette smoke

         Potential to affect decision making ability, intelligence, focus and memory

         Danger to brain development in consumers who begin using prior to the age of 25

As with any controlled substance, moderation is an important factor to consider when introducing one’s self to a new experience.


Ensuring that our customers have all the information necessary to make intelligent, educated consumption choices is part of the mission of the Hello Cannabis Store.


For further information on the risks associated with heavy, long-term cannabis use, be sure to visit the Health Canada website.