Cannabis 101: Know Your Type

Cannabis 101: The Main Types Of Cannabis


Did you know that there are hundreds if not thousands of strains of cannabis available to consumers, but there are just four main families of cannabis into which all strains fall into. The four main types of cannabis are:





Understanding the different types of cannabis and their potential effects is crucial for those both new to cannabis and veteran consumers alike.




Known for its shorter, bushier plants with wider leaves, this family of cannabis plants grows faster than Sativa.

Due to its bushy nature, Indica plants tend to have a higher yield than Sativa plants. Medicinal products created from Indica plants have higher CBD contents and lower THC counts.

It was previously believed that Indica strains had “calming” tendencies and were best used when “winding down” but researchers are constantly learning more about the plant and evolving their understanding of its effects.




This family of cannabis is known for its long, serrated leaves and for its taller (up to 25 feet in height), thinner plants.

These plants are generally a lighter shade of green to their Indica counterparts and take a longer period of time to grow, as well as requiring more light.

Industrially, Sativa L. also called Hemp, is regulated so that plants do not contain more than 0.3% THC. Medicinally products created from Sativa are known to contain higher THC levels and lower amounts of CBD.

It was previously believed that Sativa strains had “invigorating” tendencies and were better used for “energizing” but once again, with new research, we are learning that cannabis affects everyone in very distinct ways.




Researchers believe that Hybrid strains tend to merge the effects of Sativa and Indica strains and although the popularity of hybrid strains has dramatically increased, ongoing research will help us to better understand their effects.



Less popular that the other three, the short and stalky ruderalis is like an Indica plant, but lighter in colour like a Sativa so Ruderalis actually demonstrates the physical properties of both families. 

These plants are also auto-flowering and less high-maintenance than both Indica and Sativa, which is great for growers.

Normally, Ruderalis is used to create auto-flowering hybrids with Sativa or Indica plants, which maintains the potency and flavour of the paired partner. This is beneficial for consumers as Ruderalis usually has very low levels of THC, but being able to create potent hybrids that auto-flower greatly assists breeders with their grow cycles.

Best used for creating resilient, auto-flowering hybrids


Number One Lesson About Cannabis


Understanding your own expectations is just as important as understanding the breed of cannabis you buy.


Hello Cannabis is committed to providing our customers all the information needed for you to make educated cannabis purchasing choices, so you’ll always have the information you need to buy the right products to fit your personal needs.